Travel & Activity Reminders

As the Girl Scout year winds down in May, many girls are looking to see what they can spend their troop funds on. They’ve worked hard during cookie season and fall product season, so they’ve looked forward to reaping the benefits. They may have decided on a trip/activity and set it as a goal.

Hopefully as a troop co-leader you’ve guided and advised them on what kind of trips/activities they can apply their troop funds to. As a troop co-leader it is important to remember to do your due diligence and submit the appropriate paperwork for all travel/adventure/activities.

Below are a few resources from the Girl Scouts of Citrus Website (Please keep in mind that these are updated yearly, always refer to the website for the most current information):

Remember that safety is our number one priority, so please review the guidelines when advising the girls on their choices and before scheduling any activities to ensure that there is ample time to process paperwork and to confirm that they are approved locations.

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