Can we use social media to market cookies and other products?

Girls may use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text messages, IMs, and emails as online marketing tools to let family, friends, and former customers know about the sale and collect indications of interest. All are effective ways that girls 13 and older can promote cookie and other product sales. Girls under 13 cannot independently set up online marketing sites. Girls under 13 can use their parent or guardians online sites with their approval and supervision.

The following sections detail how girls can use electronic marketing, social media, and group websites to gather sale commitments from family, friends, and previous customers. But first, please keep in mind that girls:

  • Can market to and collect indications of interest from customers within their councils’ zip codes. Refer prospects that come from outside council jurisdiction to the council finder at Family members and Digital Cookie sales are the exception to this rule.
  • Digital Cookie is the only approved online sales tool available for girls to use when selling cookies. Outside of Digital Cookie, girls cannot set up online sites where cookies are sold and money is exchange via the Internet.
  • Must sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge (available at before doing any online activities, and all online activities must be under the supervision of adults.
  • Cannot expose their own or any other girl’s email address, physical address, or phone number to the public. When writing e-mail messages or online announcements, girls should sign with their first name only, along with their group number or name and their council name.

See Chapter 4, Safety-Wise for additional information and guidance regarding online product marketing and sales.

*locate in Volunteer Essentials chapter 5 (Managing Group Finances)

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