What should I do if I have problems collecting cookie or fall product fund?

We are sorry to hear your having problems collecting funds! Please follow procedures below. 

  • Collect as much money as possible and set up definite deadlines for additional payments. Promptly Notify Customer Care at, if deadline is not met.
  • Make at least three attempts to collect money. The attempts to collect money must be documented in writing. Be aware that an answering machine or phone message might not be received by the person involved. It is not a reliable form of contact.
  • Attempts to collect monies need to be pleasant and tactful, but firm. Do not harass. Emphasize that missing money denies girls program opportunities.
  • All outstanding parent debt must be reported in a timely manner in both the Cookie Program and Fall Product Program. It becomes increasingly difficult to help with collections after time has passed.
  • If you need additional help or need to talk it over, contact the Product Director (Debbie Zito at or call 800.367.3906).

*locate in Volunteer Essentials chapter 5 (Managing Group Finances)

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