How do I prepare for a cookie booth?

On the day of the sale, these tips will help make booth sales enjoyable for everyone:

  • Ensure that you have adequate space at the booth (table, products, and girls) to allow safe passage by pedestrians, bikes, and cars.
  • Plan to have at least two adults and one girl at the booth at all times. From time to time, volunteers might want to take breaks or will have to accompany young girls to the bathroom, so make sure to have a few extra adults on hand.
  • Girls make all sales, except in cases where adults are helping Daisies handle money.
  • Respect the surrounding businesses by making sure your booth isn’t blocking a store entrance or exit.
  • Attract customers with colorful signs. Remind girls to be polite and to have their sales pitch ready for interested shoppers.
  • Report any suspicious people in the area to local security.

*locate in Volunteer Essentials chapter 5 (Managing Group Finances)

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