How can my troop sign up for cookie booth?

We're so excited to have you sign up for cookie booth! Cookie booths, or temporary sales set-ups in areas with lots of foot traffic, are a popular way for girls to sell cookies as a team. Your Service Community Cookie Chair will establish cookie booth locations. Troops should not set up a cookie booth on their own unless the Service Community Cookie Chair gives permission.

Once you’ve gotten council approval, check out the booth site before the day of the sale. Talk to business owners in the area so they’ll know what to expect. Find out what security measures are in place—these may include lights for evening sales and whether a security camera watches the booth area—and where the nearest bathrooms are located. In addition, review the Girl Scout Cookie/CouncilSponsored Product Sale Safety Activity Checkpoints, as well as Chapter 4, Safety-Wise to make sure you and the girls are as prepared as possible.

*locate in Volunteer Essentials chapter 5 (Managing Group Finances)

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