What should a troop do with the bank account if troop disbands?

We are sorry to hear you are not able to continue with Girl Scouts! Please follow the guideline below to handle disbanding troop bank account.

The girls may choose to donate any unused funds to a worthwhile organization, to another troop, or use them for girl activities. At no time may a troop refund dues/expenses paid or distribute cash or cash equivalents to the girls.

Per GSUSA guidelines, proceeds received by a troop/group are non-transferable. Girls who leave the troop or leave Girl Scouting, are not entitled to proceeds earned while in the group, when they leave. PROCEEDS DO NOT FOLLOW THE GIRLS.

  • The troop bank account must be closed. As when closing a personal account, be sure all checks and other debits have cleared the account before you close it, and realize that you may have to close the account in person. Send any remaining funds to the Girl Scouts of Citrus Finance Department.
  • Unused funds left in Girl Scout accounts when groups disband becomes the property of the Girl Scouts of Citrus.
  • If a troop becomes inactive and is no longer registered, GSC will remove the funds from the bank account and place them in custodial holding for one year. If the troop does not reactivate after that year, those funds will be donated to Gifts for Girls to be used for future Scouterships.

*locate in Volunteer Essentials chapter 5 (Managing Group Finances)

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