Troop Finance Policy

  • Bank account signers will be held personally responsible for all financial activity
  • All account signers and persons handling bank statements or troop money must have be a registered member of Girl Scout of the USA and have an eligible background check on file. Signers may not be related or live in the same household
  • Every purchase made by cash, check or debit card should be supported by a receipt or similar document. Troops are encouraged to use their debit card at every possible opportunity

Mileage for short excursions and troop errands may be reimbursed at the troop’s discretion. Attach a travel log or similar document to your Troop Expense Reimbursement form. 

Fuel may only be purchased directly from a gas station for long trips which will use all of the fuel for troop travel purposes. This must be agreed on by the troop and included in the trip budget.

  •  No personal expenses or other banking activity may occur through the troop bank account

       This applies to any purchases or withdrawals “to be paid back”. Troops may not lend money in any way.

  • No one may write a check to reimburse themselves for expenses at any time. An Expense Reimbursement Form is required for each occurrence and the check is to be signed by another account signer.
  • Girls may not have individual bank accounts or individual “sub-accounts” recorded on a separate ledger.
  • A Juliette (Individually Registered Girl) is not permitted to have a bank account, even if there is more than one signer on the account. Each Juliette has a holding account at the Council Service Center for their funds and product sale credits. All money earned or donated should be submitted to be put in this account.
  • Money earned collectively (i.e. product sale) is not the property of individual girls.
  • Money remains with the troop, troops disbanding should see Troop Disband – Finance Guidelines.
  • Per GSUSA guidelines, proceeds received by a troop/group are non-transferable. Girls who leave the troop or leave Girl Scouting, are not entitled to proceeds earned while in the group, when they leave. PROCEEDS DO NOT FOLLOW THE GIRLS.
  • Girl Scout of Citrus staff can call an audit of the troop bank account at any time
  • Abuse of troop funds or bank accounts will result in Girl Scout of Citrus action including, but not limited to, staff oversight, termination from the volunteer position, and/or restrictions on further fundraising activities until the matter is resolved. Legal action will be taken if necessaryto include pursuit of prosecution.
  • It is the responsibility of all adult volunteers to protect the girls money at all times. Any indications of abuse of troop funds or bank account needs to be reported to a council staff person immediately.

*locate in Volunteer Essentials chapter 5 (Managing Group Finances)

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