Guidelines for opening a troop account

A troop bank account can be requested online should be opened as soon as the troop has started collecting funds, especially because a bank account is required for all product sales and makes financial record keeping easier.

Girl Scout bank accounts in Citrus Council must be opened under the Council’s name and tax ID number by corporate resolution. Due to audit regulations, Citrus Council is the legal co-owner of every account and all troop accounts are accessible for review at all times. We currently recommend either BB&T, Fairwinds, United Legacy, Insight Credit Union or TD Bank for troop banking.  

The name of the troop account should be:

  • Girl Scouts of Citrus Council, Inc.,
  • Troop #

Note: this may require two lines for the troop number to be visible on mailings, checks, etc.

The primary account address should be the address of the troop leader with a second copy of the bank statement forwarded to GSCC.

  • Girl Scouts of Citrus Taxpayer Identification Number is: 59-0696293.
  • Every account requires two, non-related signers on the account. All bank account signers must complete the Volunteer Financial Agreement, available on the council website.
  • Each troop

*locate in Volunteer Essentials chapter 5 (Managing Group Finances)

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