What are the emergency procedures for a fire, flood, or storm?

Although we hope the worst never happens, we must be prepared for accidents. In general, during a Girl Scout activity, follow the Safety Activity Guidelines as well as any related specific Safety Activity Checkpoints for activities such as Camping, Hiking, etc. 

Emergency Procedures for fire, flood, or storm:

  1. Follow the emergency procedures for the site, which will be posted at council-owned properties.
  2. Use the following guidelines to develop on-site emergency procedures for sites other than council-owned properties:
    • Move the girls to a safe location.
    • Place someone in charge of the group.
    • Contact the proper authorities such as the forest ranger, sheriff, police or fire department.
    • Notify the troop's emergency contact person, who will notify families and the council representative.
  3. In case of a serious accident or crisis, NO public statements should be made. All inquiries should be referred directly to the Citrus Emergency Contacts.
  4. Complete an Accident Report within 24 hours of the incident. Please email a copy to Marie Snead. 

Girl Scouts of Citrus Emergency Contacts (*in case of emergency only)

Zandra Washington, Chief Operating Officer
407-896-4475 ext. 1323 or 321-277-6349

Marie Snead, Senior Director of Business Services
407-896-4475 ext. 1401 or 407-690-2418

All Emergency Procedures

Basic Emergency Procedures

Fire, Flood, or Storm

Injury or Illness

Accidental or Natural Death

Unusual, Suspicious Activity or Intrusion

Lost Child

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