What is the Adult to Girl Ratio for transportation?

The recommended adult-to-girl ratios are two non-related adults (at least one of whom is female) to every:

  • 6 Girl Scout Daisies
  • 12 Girl Scout Brownies
  • 16 Girl Scout Juniors
  • 20 Girl Scout Cadettes
  • 24 Girl Scout Seniors
  • 24 Girl Scout Ambassadors

 Plus one adult to each additional:

  • 1-4 Girl Scout Daisies
  • 1-6 Girl Scout Brownies
  • 1-8 Girl Scout Juniors
  • 1-10 Girl Scout Cadettes
  • 1-12 Girl Scout Seniors
  • 1-12 Girl Scout Ambassadors

For mixed grade level troops, use the ratio for the lowest grade level in the troop. For example, if the troop consists of Daisies and Brownies, the Daisy ratio should be followed. 

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