What to do if there is an accident

Although you hope the worst never happens, you must observe council procedures for handling accidents and fatalities. At the scene of an accident:

  • First provide all possible care for the injured person
  • Follow established council procedures for obtaining medical assistance and immediately reporting the emergency
  • You must always have on hand the names and telephone numbers of council staff, parents/guardians and emergency services such as the police, fire department or hospital.
  • Check with your council for emergency contact information. This information is in a property binder at each property location.

After receiving a report of an accident, council staff will immediately arrange for additional assistance at the scene, if needed, and will notify parents/guardians, as appropriate. If a child needs emergency medical care as the result of an accident or injury, first contact emergency medical services, and then follow council procedures for accidents and incidents. Your adherence to these procedures is critical, especially with regard to notifying parents or guardians. If the media is involved, let council-designated staff discuss the incident with these representatives.

In the event of a fatality or other serious accident, notify the police.  A responsible adult must remain at the scene at all times.

*locate in Volunteer Essentials chapter 4 (safety wise) page 72 

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