When should my troop set up a bank account?

You should set up a bank account if your troop is earning and spending money. Bank accounts can be requested online. If you’re taking over an existing group, you may inherit a checking account, but with a new group, you’ll want to open a new account. This usually happens when there is money to deposit, such as group dues or money from product sales or group money-earning activities. Consider these tips when working with a group account:

  • Keep group funds in the bank before an activity or trip, paying for as many items as possible in advance of your departure.
  • Use debit cards during the activity or trip.
  • Make one person responsible for group funds and for keeping a daily account of expenditures.
  • Have one or more back-up people who also have debit cards, in case the main card is lost.
  • Handle a lost group debit card the same way you would a personal debit card: cancel it immediately 

*locate in Volunteer Essentials chapter 4 (safety wise) page 75

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