Checklist for Drivers

When driving a car, RV or camper, take the following precautions and ask all other drivers to do the same:  Ensure all drivers are approved adults at least 21 years old

  • Girls should not be transporting other girls. (including golf carts)
  • Never transport girls in flatbed or panel trucks, in the bed of a pickup, or in a camper-trailer.
  • Keep directions and a road map in the car, along with a first-aid kit and a flashlight.
  • Check your lights, signals, tires, windshield wipers, horns and fluid levels before each trip, and recheck them periodically on long trips.
  • Keep all necessary papers up to date including, but not limited to: your driver’s license; vehicle registration; any state or local inspections; and insurance coverage.
  • Wear your seat belt at all times, and insist that all passengers do the same. Girls under 12 must ride in the back seats.
  • Follow all the established rules of the road in your state, including the speed limit. Some additional guidelines include: keeping a two-car-length distance between you and the car ahead of you; not talking or texting on a cell phone or other personal electronic device while driving; not using ear buds or headphones while driving; and turning your lights on when your windshield wipers are on.
  • Plan rest stops every two hours and avoid driving for extended periods at night. If traveling with others, prearrange stopping places along the way. When planning longer trips, arrange for relief drivers. Drive no more than six hours a day.
  • Do NOT drive when you are tired or taking medication that may cause drowsiness. Check with your council for any other specific guidelines or requirements they have.

*locate in Volunteer Essentials chapter 4 (safety wise) page 66 

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