Can I Design a T-Shirt Using The Girl Scout logo?

All copyrighted material, including the full Girl Scout logo, service-mark, and trefoil must be printed with a licensed vendor. Groups may not print anything, including patches and t-shirts, with these copyrighted images without approval from Council and a licensed vendor.

Steps to request approval:

  • Process must be done through the shop manager
  • Send us the art work, sizes and color for the t-shirt (this would be a special order)
  • We will request a quote base on this information
  • The quote will be at cost from the vendor
  • We (the council) pay the vendor and the member would pre-pay the council to place the order
  • This will go thru an approval processes between the customer/volunteer and the shop manager
  • All orders are final no returns
  • All special orders can take 4 to 6 weeks
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