How do I join Girl Scouts?

Go to our Citrus website ( 

Click on "Join Today", then "Get Started" and finally "Start the fun today"

You'll be asked for your information.  Complete that and hit "Continue".

Do you know which troop you want to join?  Type in the number. 

Oh No! It says that troop isn't available?? Just chose the "Individually Registered Member" option and ask your leader to request a troop to troop transfer online.

If you don't know which troop you'd like to join, just type in how many miles from your zip code you'd be willing to go.  Hit "Search" and all the troops that are available in your area will come up. Choose the one that best meets your schedule.  Once you've chosen, the leader will be notified and should contact you with troop meeting information. 

If you'd rather not be in a troop you can still be a Girl Scout and participate.  Just become a Juliette Girl Scout.  Click here to see how: Juliette Girl Scouts

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