How much is a lifetime membership?

Please be advised that on 10/1/2017, the price of lifetime membership will increase from $375 to $625. The National Council is considering a proposal during the upcoming National Council Session on 10/4-10/6/2017 that may decrease the price to $400, with a discount to $200 for Girl Scouts alumnae under 30. If the proposal passes, as a goodwill gesture GSUSA will allow individuals who signed up at the higher price ($625) to re-sign up for a new lifetime membership at the lower price ($400) and will refund the excess paid.

On a national level there has been an increase in membership which leaves us with the question, will there be an increase in lifetime membership? Based on council feedback and recommendations, the national board is recommending changes to the pricing and structure of lifetime membership to be voted at the national council session in October.

The national council session will consider these recommendations, among others:

  1. Remove the multiplier calculation based on the annual dues, and
  2. Establish a $400 price for lifetime membership and a $200 price for the new Young Alumnae discounted lifetime membership, replacing the graduating senior discount. The  young alumnae discount expands the criteria to anyone who was a registered Girl Scout member before the age of 18 and is under the age of 30 at the time of becoming a lifetime member.

The current pricing of $375 for lifetime membership and $195 for a graduating senior remains in place for anyone purchasing a lifetime membership through September 30, 2017. 


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