What are the Early Bird incentives?

Ready to earn exciting bonuses during Early Bird re-registration? Nearly every week, there are new bonuses; AND all bonuses are cumulative!

Early Bird Incentives 2017/2018 Campaign


  1. Week one patch that is in line with the G.I.R.L. Spring Renewal campaign.
  2. Week one through the end of EB – a custom Citrus Council Early Bird patch


A)  Week 2 (or by the end of week 2) -- 80% girls and 50% adults for the cookie incentive of $.05 per box

 B)   Week 4 (or by the end of week 4) -- 80% girls and 65% adults-Osceola Florida Fire Frogs Baseball Sleep Over– drawing

 C) Week 6 (or by the end of week 6) -- 90% girls and 65% adults, drawing for camp experience –at Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center


  1. By Week 3 -- 50% of adults registered and 50% girls registered - $100.00 gift card
  2. By end of EB (May 15th)

       a. Friendship troop formed with volunteer troop support - $100.00 GC

       b. Community team of twelve positons with signed agreements - $100.00

       c. Best Performing Community 66% adult reregistered and 65% of girls reregistered

Need to know:

 -Cookie Incentive- Troops MUST participate in 2017 Fall Product Sale

 -Fire Frogs- sleepover for up to 12 girls and required number of adults to meet ratio.  Includes ticket to baseball game on June???

 -Camp Experience- includes property price, Mailbox Trail, Amanda Program and Scavenger Hunt (patch included) up to 12 girls and required number of adults to meet ratio.

 -Friendship Troop – Community must have up and running a Community “Friendship” troop by September 2017

 -Community Team Positions – Community must have all position agreements for ALL Team positions signed and turned into their CTM prior to the end of Early Bird.  Community Team must also attend the Community Team Conference in August and receive Team Position Training.

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