How to create recognitions and review recognitions?

Please follow the steps below:

  • Creating Recognition Orders

    Girl Scouts will earn recognitions based on their total number of cookie packages sold. All recognitions are shown on the recognition flyer.

    All recognitions are cumulative. Make sure all Troop to Girl transfers are done and that the sales total for each girl is correct BEFORE ordering final recognitions. The automated reward feature will calculate the quantities for each girl.

    Creating a Recognition Order

    • Troops must assign all cookies in their troop to the girls so they can receive the correct recognitions.
    • Hover over Recognitions Tab.
    • Click Create Recognition Order.
    • Under Plan Type select Main.
    • Click Create Order.
    • Manually enter the Walkabout, Booth and Share patch. Only place a 1 in each box if the girl earned any of the patches.
      • Walkabout Patch- A girl must have done door to door sales either with a buddy and adult or participate with the troop in door to door sales to earn the Walkabout Patch.
      • Booth Patch – A girl must participate in a booth to earn the Booth Patch.
      • Military -Share Patch - a girl must sell at least 5 Military Cookies to earn the C-Share patch. The troop must assign these cookies to the girl in order for her to qualify for this patch.
    • Save and Exit.

    NOTE: Older Girls who opt out will still receive patches.



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