What is the membership fee?

Due to our nation wide 2018 membership due increase the new membership fee is $25 for both girls and adults. The increase will take affect stating April 1st during early bird registration.

Please be advised that on 10/1/2017, the price of lifetime membership will increase from $375 to $625. The National Council is considering a proposal during the upcoming National Council Session on 10/4-10/6/2017 that may decrease the price to $400, with a discount to $200 for Girl Scouts alumnae under 30. If the proposal passes, as a goodwill gesture GSUSA will allow individuals who signed up at the higher price ($625) to re-sign up for a new lifetime membership at the lower price ($400) and will refund the excess paid.

Lifetime memberships for adults will be $375 for the current 2017 membership year and $195 for graduating high school seniors if received (via paper form, not available online) before September 15, 2017.

*We are still waiting on the price change for lifetime membership


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