How much is the overall cost to join Girl Scouts?

Great question! There is a one time annual registration fee for $15 for each girl and Adult. Starting October 1st 2017 membership will increase to $25 for each girl and adult. 

While uniforms aren't required for regular meetings, etc. they are for cookie booths, and special events.  The uniform consists of khaki bottoms and white tops with the level appropriate sash or vest. You can purchase a starter kit from our council shop for around $60.  Of course we don't want any girl to miss out on Girl Scouts because of the cost so we do have Scouterships available if needed, complete and submit the form and we're happy to help. 

There may dues that are collected from the troop leader to help fund events, supplies and items the troop may need. That will be on a troop level the troop leader will be able to go into further details.

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