How do I disband my Girl Scout troop?

If you know your troop will be disbanding please talk with the parents in the troop to see if they would like to become co-leaders. If not, then see what girls would like to continue in a troop setting or would like to be Juliettes.  Let your Community know that your troop will be disbanding and see if other troops will be accepting girls into their troops.  When the troop disbands please fill out a Final Troop Finance Report . and submit online.  Go ahead and close your troop bank account, any monies left over you can donate to Gifts for Girls Campaign.  Fill out your Troop Disband Checklist Report and write down the names of the girls that would like to continue with Girl Scouts and send that into council along with your checkbook/debit card and a copy of the troop bank account statement showing zero balance on your account.  Please contact your Community Team Managers for more detailed information.

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