What is COCO Cookie Command?

COCO is an online destination that gives girls all of the tools and resources they need to be successful in the cookie sale and build The 5 Essential Skills that are at the heart of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Think of COCO as command central for your Girl Scout's cookie business! COCO lets girls:

  • Set and track personal goals
  • Compare her progress to that of other girls in her troop/group
  • See how her group is progressing to its overall goal
  • Send Cheers and words of encouragement to her teammates, and collect Cheers from others and display them on her COCO Dashboard
  • Cheer on her teammates and Browse your Girl Scout council’s recognitions program, select items she’d like to earn, see items she’s earned along the way, and see items she can earn if she sells past her goal
  • Develop a personal cookie activity plan and earn fun Skill Bling each time a planned activity is completed
  • Create and send ecards to friends and families and collect their orders online to submit turn into her troop
  • Maintain a database of her customers and refer to it from year to year
  • Find timely news and information about her troop’s cookie activities and events

COCO is great way for you to support and guide your Girl Scout through this leadership experience. Encourage her to set up an account in COCO, and visit often to track her progress and stay in touch with her troop. Younger girls might need your help to get started, so take a tour of COCO with her today!

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