How do I request my background check in order to participate in activities with my daughter?

There is only one way to request a background check, you have to be an adult member of Girl Scouts. Once you purchase a membership you will choose a role and it will trigger a background check from verified volunteers.  To sign up please visit our Citrus website and click Be Volunteer!

Please follow steps below for a guide:

  • Log into your MY GS (located at the top right hand corner of our website) 
  • Once logged in at the bottom of the membership tab you have option to add a new member to upir Household (you can select adult or girl)
  • Hit go
  • Fill in the information on the next page
  • Next choose your troop number
  • Once you complete your registration process with payment you will receive an email from to complete your background check. 

*If you are registering for the first time you will need to create a log in and follow the steps as a first time user. 

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