Procedure for Outstanding Product Monies

There are two types of outstanding balances:

• Troop Debt to the Council Business Office

• Parent /Guardian Debt to the troop

Troop Debt to Council Business Office: When unresolved debt occurs, the troop will not be able to participate in any product sales until the troop has resolved their outstanding balance with the Council Business Office. The Council Office will send up to two collection letters to the Troop Chair and the Leader to try to collect the outstanding monies. After the second time with no action taken by the troop, it will be turned over to local law enforcement.

Parent/Guardian Debt to Troop: Since Recognitions cannot be guaranteed after May 30, 2017 for Troops with an outstanding amount due to Council, we recommend contacting Customer Care at as soon as you realize there may be Product Money due or you have not been able to collect from a Troop Parent. We are here to help! When Product money is due to the Council Business Office and you have not been able to collect from a troop parent, do not hold up your troops paperwork. Make sure all monies collected have been deposited into your Troops Bank Account by the deadline.

All information can be found in the 2016-2017 complete troop cookie guide.

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