How can I sell Girl Scout Cookies?

There are several ways to sell Girl Scout Cookies.

Direct Sales: What’s a direct cookie sale? Simplicity! Order and delivery are combined in one simple transaction: knock on the door, sell the cookies, collect the money, hand-off the cookies. With a direct sale Citrus Girl Scouts have boxes of cookies in-hand to sell door-to-door to family, friends, and neighbors. In addition to direct sale, troops can also hold Booth Sales throughout the cookie season.

Online Sales with COCOdirect: It’s easy to use! For sales made through COCOdirect, there’s no money collection and no hand delivery! The COCOdirect ecard includes a link to the COCOdirect website where friends and family can place an order, pay for the order and have it shipped direct. 

Girls can access COCOdirect by downloading ABC’s COCOmobile app on their iPhone, iPad Touch or Android devices while connected to the Internet. They can send an ecard with the COCOdirect link to friends and family members through COCO Online Marketing accessible through

Military Troop-to-Troop Program: Customers sponsor packages of Girl Scout Cookies that are sent to our men and women in uniform stateside and overseas. Customers have the opportunity to purchase cookies for Military Troop to Troop. Collect $4.00 per package of cookies sponsored. Record the number of packages sponsored on the Military Troop to Troop Form. Money collected for the Military Troop to Troop Program is turned into your Troop Cookie Chair. Actual cookies will be delivered to various military branches from Citrus Inventory. Girls earn recognitions and your troop gets troop proceeds on the packages sold. In 2016, over 24,000 packages of Girl Scout Cookies were sent to the military. Enter all military orders on the Military Troop-to-Troop Form. This form should be filled out completely. NEW this year, customers will be able to purchase donation packages (Troop to Troop Military) online through Coco Direct with a credit card.

All information can be found in the 2016-2017 complete troop cookie guide.

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